About us
About us
Bees are the most important creatures among the nearly one million insect species. Firstly, they can produce honey, pollen, wax, royal jelly, propolis, venom. Secondly, these products contribute to human nutrition as well as medical treatment. Thirdly, they create a perfect combination between human and nature.

When I was a teenager, I liked to accompany my father while he was working, and it was then, I found deep meanings in honeycombs. In the beginning of my job as a director, I used to put emphasis on the benefits of bee-products; however, now I have found that improving and accumulating my management experience and researching the industry is much more important to me.

The honeycomb is the basis of bees, and the sweet home where bees are born and develop from larvae to maturities. No matter what difficulties they face, bees will do their best to protect their home. For example, when natural enemies, animals or human beings try to destroy bee’s habitat, they will protect it with their lives. Moreover, bees are highly social insects. They have an organized society where the queen bee is responsible for laying eggs, while her female worker progeny remain unmated in order to allow them to collect the nectar, pollen, water and propolis. Gathering food, raising young bees, defending the colony and its reproduction are fundamental elements in a bee’s whole life.

Bees have tough attitude and strength of character, so they can build up immediately when their home is destroyed and preserve their future generations.

The principle of the Hung Gee Bee Farm foundation is to tell people the life of bees about theirs location, background, and also about the wisdoms of ancient people, as well as the new technologies. We have a mission that combining our life experiences and the attitude of bee life to guide people the direct of life and touch your heart.

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